Monday, August 15, 2011

Relevant URLs finding SEO techniques

Google seo! is it the concern? I am introducing few advance search features for google seo for find out related URLs for backlinking .Yes; there are softwares / tools you can purchase for find out related sites. Am I telling those are bad? NO. But those tools basically use few advance search features, you do not know. If you can know those, you can do that by yourself. Today I will tell you about some advance search operators for find out related sites/ URLs. But before start reading you should read my previous article “Do you looking for related sites?”, otherwise you might be miss guided to chose keyword for search. After that, go through the above techniques:  
1st SEO technique:

Relevant URL search will show related pages to the URL you typed. at the web pages that are linking to the URL you typed and then gathering other web pages that are linked to from the web pages that link to the entered URL.

2nd SEO technique:
Syntax:- allinurl:seo tips tricks

Google create results by first looking only those web-pages where the keywords form part of the actual URL is existed, this can be either the domain name itself or the directory, filename. Interesting tool for finding web pages that are using your target keywords as part of other url.

Syntax:- inurl: seo tips tricks

In case of single keyword searches, You can also use just inurl:keyword.

As the domain name of a web page is perhaps the most important elements in search engine optimisation this can be a very useful tool for checking out who is using your keywords in url and surely you will get the right urls you are looking for.

3rd SEO technique:
Syntax:- allintitle:seo tips tricks

Only web-pages where the keywords form part of the page title will be shown. As you know the title of a web page is one of the most important elements in search engine optimization, so this can be a very useful tool for  find out the web pages contained the same keywords your are using.

Syntax:- intitle:seo tips tricks

For single keyword searches, just use intitle:.

4th SEO technique:
Syntax:- allintext:seo tips tricks

Only pages that contained the keyword within its body text will be shown.
This can be very useful for finding good examples of keyword distribution as Google will return the top most relevant web pages for the keyword you type.

Syntax:- intext:seo tips tricks

For single keyword searches, use just intext:.

5th SEO technique:
Syntax:- allinanchor:seo tips tricks

The anchor text keyword search operator will show web pages to which other web pages have linked using the keyword as the anchor text of the link.

Syntax:- inanchor:seo tips tricks

You can also use just inanchor: incase of single keyword searches.

When used together with the title keyword search the combination shows websites that are almost definitely targeting the keyword you entered.
What do you think, these really work? try these I think you will get good result and one more think you have to learn how to combine these operators with other that can make the results more specific. To dig deeper in site you can read “search operators for dig deeper”. Next I will post another article “How innovative people search for related sites?”. Hopefully you won’t miss that.

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