Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 memories

I was shocked 10 years ago, when I saw the news at 9/11. I wish no such thing ever happened on earth. The beloved people who have lost there will be alive in the heart of the people. We remember the lives lost in our heart.  I do not know what to say, Just wish to GOD that all the people be safe on earth. OH! GOD make us happy by the blessing of your mercy.

May God safe all of us from this type of tragedy   


  1. Oh! SORRY! I am busy with office work, I wish to back here soon. Please don't go away I will be back soon. at lest I hope so.....

  2. I just take a peek and I discovered your post. I felt sad when I heard this incident a couple of years ago. Is there any updates? Thank you for sharing.

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  3. hi rezatrue.. thank you for coming and put comment in my blog.
    You are very funny.. your post is dated september last year?
    Where is your post for this year? ha ha
    Sad September 11
    Have a nice day
    do come again

  4. so true a very tragic catastrophe brought to us of wrong believer we have here in this world. everyone hoping for world peace, we could only achieve it by only respecting others life and beliefs.

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